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Increase your TracFone Wireless Signal Strenght

December 4th, 2009

Wireless Signal booster for home or office use.

If you are experiencing low signal or your battery is not lasting as much as it should, you are probably in a poor coverage area. Cellular coverage is based on cellular (GSM or CDMA) towers which carry a signal from a base stations around your area to your cell phone. This signal is nearly all around us at varying frequencies and strengths. While the signal is mostly harmless to humans and animals, your cell phone is very sensitive to it and operation including voice quality, dropped calls, battery performance, and other factors depend on this precious signal. When the signal is weak, you run into problems

When signal is low, you can tell by looking at your signal meter on your cell phone. Most phones will have about six bars of signal or more. If you are operating on three or less bars, your cell phone is not working at the potential it was designed for. You may notice longer download times, distorted communication, and dropped calls.

Most people who live in low signal areas will either not use the phone in that zone or in many cases, change the cellular provider (which in both cases can be a time consuming and inconvenience). There is a way to deal with low signal strengths and still use your cell phone the way it was meant to be used with a signal booster.

What is it?

There are many types of signal boosters including personal boosters for a single user, room boosters that will
address a room or bigger boosters that will take care of a full house. Think of the signal booster as an amplifier which repeats the existing signal and makes it stronger. Once your booster is plugged in, it does the rest by picking up all existing signal and making it stronger. Your cell phone will pick up the new signal and start operating the way it was meant to.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of a wireless signal booster are obvious and immediate.
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